Warm Weather Skiing This Summer in Telluride

Warm Weather Skiing This Summer in Telluride

summer skiing

Summer time isn’t just for paddling, hiking, swimming, and surfing. It’s a pretty fun time to go skiing, too! This video offers a little summer skiing inspiration–and features one of our staff members!

Have you ever committed to skiing 52 weeks out of the year? How’d it work out?

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A Grand Tour of the Modern Bicycle

A Grand Tour of the Modern Bicycle

The Bike Deconstructed: A Grand Tour of the Modern Bicycle, by Richard Hallett

Review by Jennifer Lu’Becke

bike deconstructedThe Bike Deconstructedis a well-designed technical book. Subtitled “A Grand Tour of the Modern Bicycle,” it is nearly 200 pages of visual and textual examination of the various parts that combined make the machine we call a bicycle. The author, Richard Hallett, is highly qualified to write…

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Explore Lake Powell by Houseboat

Explore Lake Powell by Houseboat

lake powellLake Powell, located along the Arizona/Utah border, was created by the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1963. The dam serves the water storage and power needs of the West, but unfortunately its creation also flooded the beautiful Glen Canyon and its archaeological and anthropological treasures. Anger over the dam spawned Edward Abbey’s novel The Monkey Wrench Gangand engendered a movement of…

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Flying Conditions Make North Carolina’s Outer Banks A Top Hang Gliding Destination

Flying Conditions Make North Carolina’s Outer Banks A Top Hang Gliding Destination

Hang Gliding Outer Banks

If it’s adventure you seek, an Outer Banks vacation is sure to deliver you to an action-packed paradise. Whether you want to explore the “Graveyard of The Atlantic,” kayak the open sea, or cruise safari-style alongside wild horses, the great barrier islands have you covered. Now, if it’s hang gliding that is on your bucket list, you would be remiss to choose any location other than North…

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Finding The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Finding The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Oakley 2013 eyewear catalog

You only get one set of eyes—so you’d better take care of them. Put those cheap sunglasses you found in the $5 bin at the supermarket down. I know the frames are cute, but they’re not really protecting your eyes. If you’ve ever forgotten your sunglasses on a long run, a bike ride, or a day on the water, you know what I mean. The truth is that you can actually sunburn your eyes—good eyewear is…

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Fried Zucchini Blossoms

fried blossoms

Author and chef Tom Formaro explores how to channel heartbreak through cooking in his new book, The Broken Heart Diet. In The Broken Heart Diet, Formaro weaves an intricate tale of inspired by his own journey back to love, and by his own experiences in cooking and working in restaurants.

Here’s his own family’s recipe for Fried Zucchini Blossoms, a fun and delicious summer treat.

You’ll need: 12…

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Fads Should Be Fabulous

Fads Should Be Fabulous


Though it’d seem impossible, new outdoor sports crop up all the time, and I’m wondering which have staying power. Standup paddleboarding is relatively new and has incredible cross-over power, emerging in everything from surfing and whitewater river running to flat water paddle retreats and yoga practices! Freediving–arguably one of the world’s most dangerous sports–is getting more publicity…

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Darci Africa Wins Hardrock 100 For Third Consecutive Year

Darci Africa, featured in the above video, was the top female finisher in the grueling Hardrock 100 endurance race for the third year in a row.

How To Fix a Dropped Chain

How To Fix a Dropped Chain

Photo by Tristan Von Duntz

Photo by Tristan Von Duntz

This is the second in a series covering common bike repairs in a mountain bike trail setting, including repairing your flat tire http://www.womensadventuremagazine.com/blog/fix-flat-tire/. Many of these repairs can be applied or adapted to road bikes as well.

What’s the most important part of a bike? Arguably, the chain. Wheels are a critical component, but they…

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The Adventure Moms’ Summer Getaway Pick

The Adventure Moms’ Summer Getaway Pick

By Kristen Lummis, braveskimom.com

brave ski mom 1

Walking cruiser bikes through the Yampa River Botanic Park along the Core Trail. Photo: braveskimom.com

With Adventure Moms Jen and Erica out on maternity leave (hooray!), Adventure Mom Kristen takes a look back at a magical family trip to Steamboat, Colorado, when her kids were small, comparing it to a jam-packed weekend this summer with teens.

Her findings? St…

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